Grimald is specialized in 3D-Product images and visualizations. Even though the company is young, it has over 15 years of 3D experience. The main focus is on high-quality 3D-modeled product images. The goal is to provide your products with the quality they deserve.

Some one has made that...

Most people don't think of that sentence when they look at something on their screen or hold something in their hands. Well in this company it is me, Kristian Nurmi I am the hand that moves the vertexes. the one who produces your product as a picture on the screen.

I've always been kind of creative, whether woodworking or other art projects. Working with 3D started as a hobby, that turned into a job. I started my first company in 2004 as a side job. As a chance presented itself, I started working full-time for myself. I did that for a few years and after things got financially hard my main client offered me a job in 2014 and I've been working there ever since. But it's outside my nature to sit on my skills, so I dusted off my old company in 2022 so I could do side projects and at the same time changed my company type.

Most of my skills I've learned by myself, studying and testing. So I can thank my hunger for knowledge, which always drives me to learn new things and improve my skills. 3D is a passion of mine, I strive to create the 3D visualizations that your product deserves. If you haven't checked out my services please do so, you might get some ideas.

My goal is to offer you my best for your products
- Kristian Nurmi

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